Skydome ARTUS - A 3000, old version with screws Skydome ARTUS - A 3000, old version with screws

ACG wing overview and technical data

Sound transmission loss Rw
Heat transfer coefficient of glazing/whole skydome Ug/Uw
Air permeability Class 4
Watertightness no leaking
Upward load UL
Downward load DL
Hard body impact no damage
Soft body impact SB
Reaction to fire: Class
Domes are delivered clear or opal diffused with single, double, triple or quad skin. Individual skins are glued together and sealed with silicone sealant.
Domes are fitted to kerbs (upstands) with stainless steel screws and this joint is covered with plastic cap.
In places where, before refurbishing, the existing kerb (upstand) is uneven or it has wrong dimensions, we add additional feature: subframe for existing roof constructions.
Dimensions: C = A + 16 cm, screw spacing = A + 7,5 cm
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