AAG aluminium sheet roof hatch - fire resistant AAG aluminium sheet roof hatch -  fire resistant

AAG wing overview and technical data

Reaction to fire Class
Heat transfer coefficient - glazing Ut
Heat transfer coefficient - skydome without upstand Ur
Heat transfer coefficient - skydome with upstand Urc
Upward load UL
Downward load DL
Resistance to pendulum impact 1B1
Air permeability AP
Sound transmission loss Rw
Watertightness Comply
Hard body impact Comply
Radiation properties tD65 /g

AAG roof hatches with new Al profile with superb modern design and excellent thermal insulation properties are used for daily ventilation and access to roof. AAG roof hatches fulfil the highest requirements of construction fillings: reaction to fire of specific part A1 in accordance with ČNS EN 13 501-1, heat transfer coefficient Ut from 0,87 W/m2.K, soft body impact 1B1. Installation is suitable for flat roofs and roofs with the maximum angle of 25°.

Reaction to fire – class A1 or E.

From 2019 we also offer Al frame of flat skydome in matt shade RAL 7021 anthracite.

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